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Benefits of RPL

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an assessment only pathway. Its a process of recognising someones skills and knowledge whether gained through formal or informal work experiences against a partial or full qualification.

The RPL process can take from 3 months or more to complete, depending on how much time you have and how long it takes to gather all your evidence such as references, job descriptions, CV, licenses, photographs. Where gaps occur in knowledge and evidence, you may be required to complete challenge tests accompanied with e-books. Activities for challenge tests include: written answers, calculations, listing steps, Australian Standards.

The RPL model may differ from person to person as it is customised for the learner and their experiences in industry, though will always meet the requirement of each unit of competence, however, it is desirable that you have three years experience or more in the qualification you are seeking recognition in.

Your Trainer will guide you through the RPL process and if you are struggling to understand what evidence is needed, remember you will be guided throughout the assessment.

What to expect during the RPL process:

  • Complete the enrolment form
  • At enrolment complete a skills assessment for the qualification you have enrolled into
  • You receive a student copy of the RPL kit
  • Complete the employment history form detailing your work history, achievements and list at least 4 referees
  • You are to contact your referees prior to the RTO contacting them to verify your knowledge and skills for worktasks with a series of questions
  • Complete the assessment/reassessment forms
  • Provide evidence to support your claims, such as a current resume, references, photgraphic evidence of your work
  • The trainer and assessor will review your evidence and mark your responses in the challenge tests (evidence will be recorded, referenced and reviewed against each unit of competency)
  • The RTO will contact you if they require further evidence
  • The RTO will advise you of the assessment outcome
  • You will be issued with a statement of attainment in partial completion or a qualification testamur and record of results
  • The original statement of attainment, qualificaion testamur and record of results will be sent to your home address

Benefits of RPL include:

  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • Defines your skills and knowledge in the industry
  • Creates more work opportunities
  • Demands more pay
  • Cost effective
  • No downtime for the employer
  • May lead to a licence such as Trade Contractor, Site Supervisor, Nominee Supervisor