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QBCC approved managerial course

As a Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) registered training supplier, we provide training that is supported by CSQ funding,

A student contribution fee of $55.00 is required prior to completion of the course.  CSQ subsidy maximum amount is $360.00 per eligible participant.  This program starts on 01 October 2017 and ends on 30 September 2018.

You have the choice of completing this course online or in a class room environment.

The online course can be done in your own time, over a 12 month period, or you can complete it in class in 1 day depending on your level of business experience.

Where deemed competent you will be awarded with a statement of attainment in partial completion of the CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building).

You have the opportunity of more than one re-attempt at assessment should the decision be not yet satisfactory or not yet competent.

The QBCC approved managerial course is broken down into 4 parts and covers content such as:

  1. Researching and investigating the right business structure for your business needs
  2. Taxation requirements and other compliance requirements
  3. Contracts including commercial property lease agreements and insurance needs
  4. Analysis of external and internal risks to business including SWOT analysis and competitors

The online activities for this course are optional, however, the theory and practical component will need to be completed to determine competency. Instructions and loads of resources are available to you online to assist you in successfully completing your course.

The class based course, will take you through the student workbook and activities as well as a theory and practical assessment.

To obtain a trade contractor, site supervisor or nominee supervisor license, you will need to take a copy of your Certificate III qualification and small business management course statement of attainment to QBCC with the required application and fees.

Eligibility criteria for Construction Skills Queensland subsidy

To be eligible to access Construction Skills Queenland (CSQ) programs pariticpants can be either an existing worker in the Building and Construction Industry or career seekers who hold previous experience in the building and construction industry and:

  1. Must be a permanent resident of Queensland or be permanently employed in Queensland
  2. Must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a holder of a refugee or humanitarian visa
  3. Must not be an employee of any Authority or an apprentice or trainee as defined in the Further Education and Training Act 2014 or currently enrolled and participating in a school program or contracted trainers and assessors or existing workers of any RTO or already funded by an Authority or other such source for delivery of the same training being undertaken as part of this program or previously been funded under this program in the same program period.
  4. And must be able to demonstrate RPL experience in 80% or more of the competencies required to complete the full qualification being funded under this qualification.
  5. Participants are only eligible for assessment and gap training against one eligible qualification per program period.

Eligible Participant means:

(a) An Eligible Worker; and
(b) an Existing Worker; or
(c) a Career Seeker.

(a) an Australian or New Zealand citizen; or
(b) a permanent resident of Australia; or
(c) a refugee and humanitarian visa holder.

(a) permanently reside in Queensland; or
(b) be permanently employed in Queensland.

An Eligible Worker has the same meaning as the Building and Construction Industry
(Portable Long Services Leave) Act 1991 (Qld) as amended from time to time.

An Existing Worker is a current Employee in the Building and Construction Industry
who has a one month or more employment relationship with their Employer. The
working relationship can be built up through full-time, part-time or casual employment
or engagement as a contract worker.

A Career Seeker is an individual with significant previous experience, skills and
knowledge within the Building and Construction Industry, but is not an Existing

NON eligible Participants are:

(a) an Employee of any Authority;
(b) currently enrolled and participating in a Queensland secondary school program;
(c) an Apprentice or Trainee;
(d) a contracted trainer or assessor or existing worker of an RTO;
(e) previously funded under this Program in the same Contract Term;
(f) funded by an Authority or such other source for delivery of the same Training
being undertaken as part of this Program

How to enrol online into the QBCC approved managerial course

You have the option of completing this course online or class based. There is no limit on the number of students per class, no waiting till class numbers fill, book in a day or time that suits you.

Part 1 – To successfully enrol into this course, complete the verification of identification page and upload copies of two forms of identifcation in these file formats jpg, jpeg, png, gif, doc, docx

Note: a front and back is required of your drivers licence.

Then select submit, an email will be sent automatically to with attachments of your ID and a copy of the email sent to your nominated email address.

Part 2 – Complete part 2 employer information

Part 3 – Complete the enrolment form, you have the option of paying your student contribution fee of $55.00 at enrolment

Part 4 – take the skills assessment so that the RTO can determine your level of experience

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) subsidy amount per participant

Each eligible participant will be subsidised by CSQ at the total amount of $360.00

Course fees:

A student contribution fee of $55.00 is required prior to completion of the course. A statement of attainment will not be issued until the student contribution fee has been paid.


Student contribution fees will be refunded in accordance with our policy and procedure on page 15 of the student handbook.

Verification of identity
Employer eligibility form
Enrolment form
Skills assessment

Staysafe Industry Training e-learning platform

Once you have completed parts 1 to 4 of the enrolment process and have selected to do this course online. The administrator will add you as a new user within the Staysafe e-learning platform so that you can access your purchased course.

Logging in

You will receive an email that contains your username and a temporary password from your Staysafe. Once you have this you will be able to login into the Learning Management System (LMS) by click on the login button.

When you login for the first time the system will prompt you to change your temporary password.

My profile

You can opt to have your profile picture or photo ID displayed in the Logged in user box. If no photo is chosen a placeholder image will be used.

My dashboard

By clicking on my dashboard a number of features about the user will be displayed. Here you can view your course details, update your user details, add a profile picture and change password.

Completed topics

Students can see their progress using this dial on the dashboard. It will update when students complete parts or whole units. Students will also be able to view a full snapshot of their course. They can see their grades and completion statuses.

Export PDF transcript

Students will be able to export a PDF transcript of their results from the system should they choose to. This will be date and time stamped to the date and time that they downloaded the export.

If you need help after logging in, get in contact with the administrator on 0491110319.

Download a copy of the student handbook so that you can view our policies and procedures including our complaints and appeals policy page 16, refunds policy page 15. Also, refer to the refunds page under the home tab.

Download the student handbook